Hunter Pro-C to Gen 2 - Wiring issues

I have a Hunter Pro-C and just bought a Gen 2. I have 9 zones but have issues with wiring. Need help with major wiring not zones. Thank you.

Hi @kingpin3177!

First of all, congrats on the new controller! :tada:
So your nine zones will go into the zone terminals, sounds like you have that under control. The P/MV wire will go into the terminal marked M. Make sure to enable your master valve when setting your controller up in the app.
The white COM wire will go into one of the C terminals, doesn’t matter which one you choose.
The GND, AC1, AC2, and REM wires will not be used.
The SEN wires (if you would like to continue to use a rain sensor, it’s not required) will go into the S1 terminal and SC terminal, it shouldn’t matter which wire goes in which terminal. If you do decide to install the sensor, make sure to enable it in the app as well. Instructions on how to do that in the app can be found here.

Let me know if you run into any issues, or if I can answer any other questions!

McKynzee :rachio: