Hunter Pro -C 16-zones to Rachio 3 Wiring Help

I’m gearing up to install and replace my Hunter Pro-c controller with Rachio but it has too many wires. I can’t seem to figure out what goes to where and if all these wires are needed. I can figure out the zones but the rest is my issue. I’m looking for assistance from the wonderful folks here. Thanks

@ikristo - The thicker yellow wires in the AC1/AC2 (24 VAC) terminals are not needed. Same with the yellow/green wire in the GND terminal. Those are replaced by the Rachio power supply plug.

The blue wire in the REM terminal along with the white and red wires in the AC1/AC2 (24 VAC) terminals are not need in the Rachio installation. Those go to the proprietary Hunter remote. The Rachio app takes the place of these.

The remaining thin yellow wires in the AC1/AC2 (24 VAC) terminal, the blue wire going to the Sens-2 terminal and the white wire (from the black covered cable) going to the COM terminal probably go to a wireless rain sensor. See → Rachio compatibility with Hunter Rain-Clik Wireless Rain Sensor

Thanks @DLane this was helpful. I will skip the rain sensor completely since it is not a requirement by Rachio if I’m going to use their weather intelligence feature. Secondly, would I use the C C M on the Rachio at all?

I agree about not using the rain sensor. It seems most do not in favor of the weather intelligence. In any case, I think it is better to get it working without it and it can be added later.
The ‘M’ is for a master valve or pump, which it I cannot tell if you have or not at the moment. The wires are too crowded to see off hand. The ‘C’ is the common wire used by all zones, so that is needed. I suggest running each zone before doing anything to make sure they all work and label each wire before making the transition.

@ikristo - the other two wire wires currently attached to the COM terminal will need to be migrated to the Rachio C terminals. One wire can go in each C terminal, it doesn’t matter which one goes where.

It does look like there is a blue wire attached to the P/MV terminal, so that wire would go to the Rachio M terminal.

Also, there is either a loose black wire or it is connected to zone 4 with another wire. I’d do like @Thomas_Lerman suggested and run each zone. See if multiple areas come on when zone 4 is run and if nothing comes on when zone 3 is run. Not sure what is going on there. I’d also recommend reperforming the test with just one wire in zone 4 (once with yellow, once with black and once with both) to see what the difference is.

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Thanks, @Thomas_Lerman and @DLane i will give it a shot and keep y’all apprised of the outcome!

@Thomas_Lerman @DLane, I’m happy to report everything worked following your directions! Thanks for all your help

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Good job!