Hunter PC-400i


Can someone please help me with this wiring to a Rachio 3? I thought it was straightforward, but the left side of this hunter panel gave me some pause.

@StrikeOne33, it’s pretty straight forward. The white wire going to COM will go to any C slot in the Rachio. The colored station wires go to the corresponding stations 1-8 in the Rachio. Looks like you have a rain sensor on the left as well as the power for the Hunter controller. You will not need the power from the Hunter controller you should be able to follow those to a plug but maybe not if they are hard wired. If it is plugged into a wall plug just unplug and use the one that came w/ the Rachio.

The rain sensor isn’t really needed w/ the Rachio but if you wish to use it I will try and post a link to the wiring.

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@StrikeOne33 - @gaustin nailed it. Here is my best guess at the rain sensor connections ->

As mentioned previously, rain sensors are optional with Rachio. More belts and suspenders. If the above configuration doesn’t work, try swapping the white and dark colored wires that are currently on the SENS terminals in the Rachio configuration. If all else fails, post the make and model of the rain sensor - we’re both guessing that it is a wireless version.

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