Hunter MP800 Nozzles - How long should I run for rye germination?

Hi - Based on a suggestion from my lawn care guy, I replaced my existing nozzles with Hunter MP800 Rotator nozzles. According to the Hunter website, their output is 0.8 nozzle in/hr.

I am in AZ, and going to get my yard overseeded with rye in about a week. How long should I be running my zones for proper rye germination? In the past with my old nozzles, I would run my areas for about 5 minutes 3x a day.

Note: Early next week I will also do a catch cup test in the yard to get better data.


I run my Hunter MP2000’s (.65" real world in my yard) for 10 minutes, 6 times a day here in AZ. You basically want to make sure that the ground stays moist. It might take a little tweaking to see what works for your yard.