Hunter Mini Clik/Gen 2

I’ve been beating myself all week and beyond frustrated. I installed my Gen 2 and the Hunter Mini Clik is not activating when I test it. It does not water on the scheduled time and bypasses. It’s probably something silly I’m overlooking. Can someone who’s had similar issues help?

Hey Mike,

Sorry to hear about the difficulties your experiencing with your rain sensor. The first step will be for us to get a picture of your current wiring setup.

In order to rule out the controller, does it function properly while your rain sensor is disconnected?

Sorry I tried to with my phone but didn’t work. Had to get to the PC at home. Thanks for responding.

Mitch also it does work with the sensor turned off. I scheduled a watering and there was not an issue.

Also Mitch here are screenshots when the schedule was interrupted on the watering day (June 9th).

Thanks for the photos and screenshots @SalvaMoore, it certainly helps.

This is a wireless sensor, correct? Please refer to our support article for the Hunter Rain-Clik.

It looks to me like the white wire from your original wiring needs to go into the SC, and the small blue wire will go into the SP.

If rewiring does not show any improvement, then could you please check the sensor to see if it is dirty, damaged, has a dying battery, or other defects to see if the issue might be with the sensor itself?

I located this Hunter MiniClik User Guide with sections for Maintenance & Troubleshooting:



If you still experience no improvement, I might also suggest attempting to switch the wiring from the S1 terminal with the S2 terminal in order to further rule out the controller.

Mitchell thanks. It is not a wireless and I thought it could be a dirty sensor so I cleaned it out this past weekend. I will put in the white and blue wire and see it that fixes it. Hopefully I don’t make something explode. I did switch the two blue wires (S1 and SC). At first I had one blue wire in S1 and the other in S2 on June 9th. The other wires are tucked away but I will try the white and small blue wire.

White, Red and Blue wires are for Hunter Remote, not wireless rain sensor:

Try running your sensor on S2 and SC terminals (make sure to configure S2 to be a rain sensor via an app).


For what it’s worth I have a Hunter Mini-Clik connected to my Gen2. Mine is on S1 configured as a rain sensor and works well. Hopefully you can track down what’s bugging yours from working.

Scorp if possible could you take a picture of your wiring? I know I’m messing something up. Thanks.

Gene so should I put a blue wire in S2 and a blue wire in SC?

Sure hold on, though I think it looks pretty much like yours except different wire colors.

@SalvaMoore Yes, Rachio can support rain sensor on either input, I just would like to rule out that S1 input is somehow faulty.

Red/Yellow in my wire bundle are for the Mini-Clik.

Those run into one of my irrigation valve vaults, and are connected to a different pair of black wires with a stripe. The black wires run up behind a downspout to where the sensor is located near.

Then the unit itself. The black wires from the shot before terminate about 12" before the sensor and are spliced into blue wires coming out of the sensor itself. Boy that thing is dirty, maybe I should clean it up. When we moved in I couldn’t even find it the bushes outside had overgrown so much. The sensor itself is about 8-10 feet off the ground. I had to have the irrigation company tell us where they installed it years ago.

Do you have a multi-meter? You could twist the wires together at the Rachio, then disconnect them from the sensor and do a continuity test. If the wires test out ok you’re probably looking at either a dead sensor or a dead S1 terminal if you get S2+SC to work.


It looks like there is a third “Normally Open” lead on the Mini-Click which is typically not used. I’m guessing mine was cut off during installation as I only see two leads coming from mine. The instructions state the NO lead is the middle one. It also does not appear to matter which of the remaining two leads go to common or sensor terminals.

@scorp508 I didn’t realize that there was an NO (normally open) option, if this is what is being used in @SalvaMoore case, it could explain why it is not working. :+1: @SalvaMoore I think it’s time for you to check your rain sensor :wink:

His app shows rain sensor activated/deactivated messages. I wonder if they’re actually in reverse if the NO lead is being used.

@SalvaMoore, do you remember if you were getting rain Friday morning when your log says it deactivated?

Deactivated - Friday June 9th, 6:24AM
Activated - Saturday June 10th, 9:01AM

With my Mini-Clik set to 1/2" I’ve seen it take anywhere from 4 hours to 3 days to dry out and deactivate depending on how hot & humid it is.

I turned my rain sensor off and on in the device settings just now to see if it would log in the app, but it doesn’t appear to… or it doesn’t immediately.

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Personally, with Rachio I do not even bother installing a rain freeze sensor. I have yet to have a time where Rachio did not predict a rain or freeze event. That said, I did have a company called Sprinkl Conserve send me a sample of their new profuct. It is a rain sensor you actually install in the garage and does not require an actual sensor. It uses WiFi and the company claims it is compatible with Rachio. I will give feedback once I install. I believe it uses rainfall from the nearest weather station.

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That was going to be my last option. A few days after I installed it the closest weather station predicted rain and it poured. I’m just a stickler of making things work. Thanks to everyone who gave input. I’m going to try to get he wires working one more time before I give up and just don’t activate the sensors at all.

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One of my very first waterings with Rachio was in the middle of a thunderstorm strong enough to trigger my sensor’s 1/2" reading in a very short amount of time. Rachio was putting down 0.36" of water per zone until the sensor stopped it 15 minutes (out of 27m) into zone one. I forget the specific details, but I think it came down to the storm popping up just after Rachio looked at the forecast and had decided to perform a full watering. To me that was confirmation that a rain sensor is still useful. I’d rather it shutdown the system and allow it to catch up after the fact once it has had a chance to see the weather station data if necessary.

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