Hunter I-20 vs K-Rain Rotary Nozzle vs Hunter MP Rotor

I have an established lawn in South Jersey w 100 Hunter I-20 heads.
Not really happy with them as the coverage is hit and miss. Lots of heads not coming up and so forth.
Rachio is recommending K-Rain Rotors.

Any recommendations on either the MP rotors or the K-rain rotors
Thanks Scott

Heads not coming up could be a dirty external filter, pressure issue, head is clogged, etc. I probably would investigate the issue before spending the money to replace them all, unless you really want to. Just would be concerned about the possibility of replacing and then having the same issue.

On recommendations, I have Hunter MP rotors, but got them before I have heard of them. I have not compared the specs and price, but the K-Rain sound very similar and has better integration. I know several seem to have MP and do not think I have heard any with the K-Rain yet (they may be lurking around, just have not commented that I have seen).