Hunter HC Flow Meter

Anyone try a Hunter HC series meter with Rachio?

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I’m just in the process of setting up Rachio as a replacement to my Hunter Hydrawise controller and I have a wired Hunter HC Flowmeter.

So far I have connected the flowmeter as an equivalent flowmeter from the list of supported flowmeters i.e. as the Hunter HC flowmeter has a 1” connection, I just picked the equivalent 1” CST flowmeter - CST FSI-T10. Rachio recognises it as a flowmeter and records flow. I will try calibrating it today and post back.

As it appears you are restricted to the flowmeters on the list of supported flowmeters within the app, you cannot program Rachio to use the Hunter or any other non supported flowmeter natively. As long as I can calibrate the flowmeter properly, I don’t think it really matters that the controller identifies it as a CST or Toro flowmeter. It would be nice if Rachio allowed you to program a non supported flowmeter, especially as their own flowmeter is no longer available.

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I contacted Hunter Tech support asking for the K-factor and Offset of the HC-100-FLOW, and they said it was “pulse” not “frequency” type meter. Sounded like nonsense to my Controls Engineering background, but non-the-less useless.

Did you ever get the meter to work with Rachio?