Hunter C-Pro to Rachio 3 12 Zone Wiring Help

Hi everyone,
I’ve been reading all of the Hunter C-Pro → Rachio 3 wiring posts and I’m at a loss. I need some help. This is what I have going on:

Hunter Pro-C → Rachio 3
a. COM → C
b. P/MV → M
c. Zone 1-12 → Zone 1-12
d. GND → Not needed(?)
e. AC1/AC2 (tan) → 24 VAC + / -
f. AC1 (red) / AC2 (white) → 24 VAC + (rain sensor/Not needed) (??)
g. REM → ??
h. SEN (pink) / SEN (yellow) → (rain sensor/Not needed)

Appreciate everyone’s help!!

You got most of it right, except for the following:

  1. GND, AC1/AC2: Since you would be using the Rachio power supply that has the barrel connector that plugs into the Rachio, you do not need any of these.
  2. REM: Since the Rachio “remote” is your phone, you do not need another remote
  3. SEN: I would saw most people use the Weather Intelligence instead of a sensor. However, you can always hook it up later. In either case, I do suggest getting the Rachio connected and tested before hooking up a sensor if you decide to (I probably would not).

As always, I suggest running each zone before disconnecting anything to make sure they all work and then label all wires in case you run into any issues.

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