HQ Fun + Gold Rachios


Happy Monday everyone!

We thought it would be fun to share some BTS pictures of the @rachio_squad We had our Field Day/Company Picnic last month; the team decorated some Generation 2 covers and won gold Generation 1 trophies.

Also, can we talk about some of the major artistic talent on this team? Incredible!









Looks like everyone had a good time.


Nice picnic everyone at Rachio


Thanks @anthony & @spscoutenPhD! Tons of fun! Our team is pretty great :slight_smile:


@laura.bauman - is that the special edition Gen 1 I love it also love the t- shirt :tshirt:


@Anthony it is! Covered in real gold. and by real I mean not real. and by not real I mean spray paint. :woman_shrugging:


Wow! Impressive artistic talents!


Isn’t it!? We have some creative folks around the office!


After seeing such beautiful artwork, it sparked an idea of having an art contest for children of all ages to see who could come up with an awesome custom cover that could be printed out in quantity or be part of a selection of custom covers to order with the Rachio units of gen 2 and 3.


What a great idea @spscoutenPhD ! I’ve always wondered if people would be interested in custom covers, or if others decorate their covers like we did :slight_smile:


People all over are into logos. Pro and college sports, naturescapes, club affiliations, comics, and super heroes would be a good start and easy to customize.

Custom drawings can be lithographsd and heat transfer printed with ease.

Just some food for thought.


LOVE the idea! Thanks, @spscoutenPhD :slight_smile: