How would services control Rachio?

I want to install Rachio to replace a 20 year old controller. But confused. I have a sprinkler service and a lawn care company that need access to the box. How does that work with Rachio?

@Sjordan14 - The best way is if the sprinkler service and lawn care company have smart phones or tables, then they can be provided access to the Rachio controller. How much access is dependent on which access they are provided ->

If they just need to run a zone for a few minutes to check on things, then the buttons on the device can select a zone and run it for three minutes ->

What do the sprinkler service and lawn care company need to do with the controller? I would image the sprinkler service company is already starting to deal with smarter controllers and will have a way to access the app. As far as the lawn service…

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