How/when does Racio calculate its parameters for flex sxchedule?

I have never seen a description of how and when the system does its calculations for flex schedules. When I look at when "will water Date " for a zone it can be tomorrow or way out in the future. See screen shot:

When 12am or so rolls around will the system recalculate these numbers and make everything reasonable and hopefully water some of these zones tomorrow and not 10 days from now?

Is all the calculation software in the cloud? And is it only run once a day? And is that why if my system goes offline at the calculation time, it never gets sent the instructions on what to do for that day?

Would really like to see a technical tutorial on how this all works, thanks.


These articles should help understand the concepts behind flex:

If you have followup questions feel free to reach out and we will answer the best as possible.

Have a great day.