How to wire RS terminal from hunter src plus to rachio

I have 3 lines going to RS terminal. One is rain sensor and while and blue is from the color wires. I don’t want to move my rain sensor now. But where do the white and blur wire go in rachio 3?

Thanks in advance.


In your case RS is essentially a COMMON terminal, so the white / blue wires should go to any of the available C terminals on your new Rachio. Ideally individual wires should be connected to individual terminals.

The reason why this is the case is that your old controller relied on the rain sensor to be in series with common lines, thus it is connected the the C terminal and the RS terminal. The function of RS terminal was to notify the controller the status of the rain sensor. Rachio uses a different approach, Commons are dedicated to valves and rain sensor can be connected to the dedicated inputs.

The rest seems to be pretty straight forward, keep 24VAC wires unused and hook up the rest. Welcome to the community, enjoy your new controller :wink: