How to use neighbor's weather station?

So my neighbor has a personal weather station (AcuRite Pro Weather Center) that is connected to Weather Underground. When I go to select a weather station in my Rachio app I don’t see his station listed under personal weather stations.

What is the easiest way to get my app to use his station? Ask him to upload his info to another weather website? If so, which would be easiest for him? He would be doing me the favor so when I ask him I’d like to make it as easy as possible.


Can I add his station to another weather website (with his permission) that would link to my Rachio app thus leaving him with no action?


@jmed999 - use @Gene 's service. Or:

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Do you have the Gen 2 or Gen 3 controller?


Gen 2… Thanks!

@DLane’s suggestion is the winner :wink: