How to skip day of the week

My gardener comes on Wednesdays. How can I get watering every other day (more or less) while ensuring that the lawn is not watered on Wednesdays?


@rachiuser - if the schedule is daily flex based it will water only when the zone(s) require it and one can specify which day(s) the schedule is allowed to water, so one would exclude Wednesdays. A daily flex schedule may not water every other day if the evapotranspiration didn’t deplete the water in the soil past maximum allowed depletion.

For fixed based schedules, just set the days to run to be Sunday, Tuesday and Thursday or some variation of that.

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Thanks. I have a fixed schedule and when editing it there was no option to exclude days - just change from even to odd. I’ll try re-creating the schedule. Thanks.


@DLane … Please check the app and post a screenshot of where we can specify a day to skip… my screens don’t have it.

@ltek - if the schedule was originally setup with every day allowed, then the Interval option goes away. If this is the case one will need to recreate the schedule and select at least one day to skip. The Interval option is on the Schedule page, between the Type and Zones fields.

got it thanks. seems like editing schedules is missing some features that should be there… namely any option should be able to be edited. should not need to delete and recreate the entire schedule.

@ltek - I didn’t write the code/UI. I just am aware of the “feature”.

@DLane … did you read my response as if I asked you to fix the code? You may, not may not, have noticed I added Franz to the thread… there was a reason.

@ltek Please be respectful in these forums, everyone is here to help.