How to silence notifications in Android app?

I like to get the notifications on my phone when a watering schedule starts and stops, but I can’t figure out how to make them silent. Is there a way?

Watering usually begins early in the morning when I am sleeping, I don’t want to wake up from an audio announcement, just see a silent notification on my phone when I check it.

@gschiff Great question, not a fan of 4AM notifications either :wink:

This should help you.


Is there a way to select a custom sound file for Rachio notifications?

I’d also like the ability to have a setting to toggle the vibration that goes with the notification. Ideally, there would be a toggle for receiving notifications, a toggle for sound with notification, and toggle for vibrate with notification.

@wx16 That would be something specific to either iOS or Android. I don’t know what the capabilities are at the mobile level.


Which one controls the watering started/stopped notification? These 2 look most relevant:
The status of my Iro changes.
The status of my watering schedule changes.

Would be nice if the help page included more detailed descriptions and/or examples of each.

That one :wink: