How to Set up Second Rachio for Second Home

We have been using our v1 Rachio at our primary home in the SF bay area for some time now. We just bought a v2 Rachio which is going to be installed in our second home in NV this weekend, by the same installer. My question is this…how can we set up the second rachio on your app? We would like to use the same account if possible, just have a different name for the device…or do we need to set up a second account (which we would like to avoid)? If you could run through the steps to take that would be appreciated.

Hey Richard,

Good news, you can easily add a new controller to your same account! Please see our Support Article for detailed instructions on how to do so:

How do I add another controller to my account?

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It looks like I can do this from your app on my phone, but not from this website. Cannot click on the device name on the site, only the phone app.


Yes Richard, that’s correct. Because of the initial setup process of getting your Rachio connected to your WiFi, we currently require that new controllers are added through the Mobile app.