How to set up Rachio 16 zone

Hi everyone, I am trying to switch over from Hunter Pro model to the Rachio 16 zone. I understand you can’t use the hunter flow meter with Rachio. Do I just remove this altogether? I also have a rain sensor. I have 17 zones so I will be combining 2 zones (drip irrigation zones) into 1.

Please see pic for my current hunter set up. I plan to plug in the 2 rain sensors, and 3 white common wires, and all of the 16 zones. Is this correct?

Any word of advise would be appreciated.

It should be pretty straight forward. I would start by eliminating the sensors just to simplify the wiring changeover. While not needed, you can add your rain sensor back if you’d like.

Otherwise, common wires (white) to C terminals on Rachio, colored zone wires to corresponding zones on Rachio. All the yellow and green power wires will not be needed and will use the Rachio power brick and barrel plug to power the unit.