How to set up a drip system in Rachio

I just installed my new Rachio 2 unit today and I was having issues trying to find the right settings for our raised gardens that are all on a drip system. Currently the raised garden is on zone 1. I also have no idea how much water they need and a buddy of mine suggested 14 mins every 4-days should be about right? Our old system was set for 5-mins a day and its like Jurassic Park plant growth but has me wondering if I can get the same results by watering less or less frequently. We grow our own lettuce, cauliflower, broccoli, beets, carrots and we change out the raised garden every 3-months depending on what is growing that time of year. We are very new to this and its mostly trial and error but we have seem pretty good results with everything but strawberries, blueberries and carrots that are really stubby?

Any advice would be appreciated.

I’d start here: Settings

And here: Schedules

Yes, trial and error will get you to your scheduling sweet spot. Your controller will only be able to utilize the information that you input.

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@macmoviemam, this thread might help.

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