How to set schedule to match my city's watering restrictions

My city has strict watering restrictions. I can only water on Sunday and Thursday. I cannot seem to set up my Rachio to water on Sunday and Thursday only each week. Any suggestions?


Click plus button to add schedule and follow along with the onscreen questions. You are most likely going to want to use the Fixed Schedule as you need more days to use the Flex but you can limit the days in the Flex Schedule as well.

Hope this helps you get started.

@Buckeye, if you already have a schedule created just click here:

Then you can limit the days on the next screen here:

Thank you!!! I just tried it out… I had to switch to the daily Flex Schedule and then follow your directions.
Thank you so much!

You shouldn’t need to change schedule types, but you may have to delete the current schedule and re-create. Flex Daily is a very advanced scheduling system, and isn’t really recommended for systems with heavy watering restrictions like yours. I’d delete and recreate a fixed schedule.

Thank you …
I created a new “test” schedule and it allowed me to do it on a fixed schedule.
I got it all set up for only Sunday and Thursday.
I appreciate all this help!!!

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