How to set a schedule to repeat the same time each year?

I live in Michigan where we get all 4 seasons. I set up several schedules in Rachio: Early Spring, Spring, Summer, Hot Summer, Early Fall, Fall. I give each one of them a date range, such as April 1 - April 30 for Early Spring. Rachio makes me give it a year, say 2021.

Now, I want the Early Spring schedule to run again on April 1 2022, but I don’t see how this is possible. I have to remember to update the schedule after its date range is over but BEFORE the date range starts the next year. It should be more flexible than that.

What am I missing?

I haven’t played with the dates much, but it does appear that each schedule must have specific (year too) dates to begin and end. So adjusting for the next year would involve changing the year only (but that involves scrolling through 12 months). And you have to set your END date first, or can’t extend the START date beyond the end dat.

So, I guess it does work as you say. But in your case, you’ll have roughly 8-9 months to “remember” to change it for the next year. Or if you don’t water over the winter, as is the case for Michigan, I would believe, then do it at the end of the season.

Still, it would be a valid suggestion to have the zone always Start on one date, and always End on another, regardless of year. No reason it couldn’t be done. They’d have to be careful about zones in the Southern hemisphere, but it could be done.