How to see estimated total for each zone?

When I was setting up my Flex Daily schedule, Rachio showed the total estimated watering duration for each zone. I thought the drip estimate seemed high, so I editted the type of drip head to see how the estimated watering time would change. My yard zones were estimated at 20 min and my drip zones were 2.5 hrs each!

However, I cannot find a way to see the screen which showed the estimated watering duration for each zone once the zone has been created. I found a screen which shows the next start time for each zone, but not the run times or total run time per zone.

At this point I’m thinking of going back to the Flex monthly schedule…

From the web screen, go to Schedules, select your Flex Daily Schedule, then click on Watering Duration and you will see the durations for each zone in the schedule.

From the app (at least on IOS), go to Calendar, then you can click on the schedule, then go to Watering Duration.

If you are watering trees with drip, those times might be fairly good. If it’s annuals or perennials, you made need to look at your nozzle settings.

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