How to schedule a full run?

How do you schedule a run a few days out? Not create a new schedule. I have a schedule created and it is set to Flex Monthly (might have to change that b.c it doesn’t seem to accurately predict weather around my home but that’s another thread). I know how to “Quick Run Schedule” but I want to tell the system to run the full schedule on Weds AM.

I am leaving town for a week. It is to be very hot with no rain all week. The system has a scheduled run for Monday AM and Friday AM only. I want to manually tell the system to also run on Weds AM. How do I do this?

Not really a way to pre-schedule a quick run. Either set yourself an alarm to do a quick run, or create a schedule, with an end date right after that run.

I was afraid you were going to say that. Just what I want to do while on vacation, wake up super early while on the other side of the planet. First world problems I know. Thanks for the quick response!

Hey Rachio! Add an update to allow us to go to the calendar, select a day with no scheduled run and add one! Why would that not be a good addition!?

I mean, you basically can do that with a schedule. You can set an end date for the schedule to be the following day after your run…then go back and delete after vacation. Setting up a schedule takes all of about 30 seconds.

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Yeah that’s an idea. Create an exact schedule called “vacation” or something and manually schedule it as needed. Not ideal but it’s a work around. Thanks for the help!

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