How to Remove Cover from Gen 1 Rachio


I am trying to replace my Gen 1 unit with a Gen 3. Unfortunately, when I tried to pull on the old Gen 1 unit to remove the cover, the screws pulled away from the wall and now I cannot seem to find a way to remove the cover. I found some old posts from users who were asked for help with this issue, but the video link in the post no longer works.

I also tried searching for the video manually by looking at the title in the URL, but the video shows up in the results is marked as private.

If you could help with this, I’d appreciate it.

Have you seen this and does it help?

Old post from 2015…

8 years later



Jan 29

This video/link is no longer available. How do I remove the cover to a first generation rachio?

…nevermind, it looks like you can just pry it off with a screwdriver because the only thing connecting the two pieces together is the wiring port (not sure what it is called).

Thank you for the replies.

Unfortunately, the video is unavailable. I tried separating the cover near the wiring port, but haven’t had success so far.

It’s a bit puzzling that Rachio would take down the video. It’s not as though people are no longer using the Gen 1.

From my reading of the old post you use a screwdriver to separate the 2 pieces of plastic (front panel and base panel) from each other and not prying at the port as you are doing. The front cover just pops onto the base. Separate the front panel from the base with a screwdriver.

This video may help…

I have sent a message about the video. They will probably get to it soon hopefully