How to perform a Zone Quick Run?

I have watering schedules running all day long - mostly just waiting out various cycle and soak times. Every now and then I’d like to be able to quick run a zone. I cannot find a way to start a quick run. There is no quick run button on the app home screen. When I pick a zone, there also isn’t a way to start a quick run.

If I stop my watering schedule, then I can do a zone quick run. However, I also cannot figure out how to start the schedule again without waiting until it starts again the next day.

I can’t be this difficult - what am I missing?

There should be a blue play button in the lower right corner of the app on the a Home screen. That’s quick run. Latest version on iOS has it, anyway. I’ve been using it to ops check my drip irrigation.

Thank you for the suggestion, unfortunately, I only have a blue circle button with 3 dots in it. There is no play button on the app home screen.

Weird. Do you have the latest app update? I recall a few versions ago quick run was missing. Other way I can get to it is tap Zones tab, tap a zone and then a play button appears lower right of the zone card.

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Yes, latest ios app is installed. I’ve tried going to zones, picking a zone, and there is only the blue circle with 3 dots in it. Like I mentioned, if I stop all schedules I’m able to perform the quick runs. But stopping all schedules screws up everything until the next day. Additionally, I’m not finding a way to restart all of the schedules. There has to be a better way.

Hmm well only one zone can run at a time so if a schedule is watering then that explains the lack of quick run.

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Tap on your Rachio name on the upper left corner quick run was move to the main controller selection page hope this help

Even if the schedule is not watering (soaking), the app does not allow a quick run on any zone. With many schedules, and lots of soaking, it doesn’t seem ever possible to turn on any other zone for a quick run. Seems broken to me.

I’m not sure I’ve ever been able to do a quick run while a schedule is running (soak time is part of running). I think the quick zone run capability is only available if you are not otherwise watering.

Thanks for the feedback - we’ve established it is not possible to do a quick run on any zone while any schedule is running. Since for my application schedules will be running all day everyday, this rules keeping the schedule running.

Next - I’ve tried pausing all schedules. However, when the schedules are paused the app still does not allow a quick run of any zones.

As a last resort - I stopped the schedules. Now I can do a quick run. But - how do you restart the schedules to keep them going for the day?

Dumb question. It kinda sounds like you have a lot of schedules, and perhaps only a zone or two in each schedule. Is there any reason you can’t combine them into one schedule? That way one zone is watering while another one is soaking. I’m a Flex Daily user, and I have all my zones in one schedule – it keeps it running efficiently. And then you might not have so much need to do a quick run.

I actually only have a couple of schedules, but do have 16 zones. The problem is that I need to have one of these schedules run about 12 hours a day doing a very short cycle every 3 hours. Because the schedule is running (but only watering occasionally), this blocks the app from allowing a zone quick run. Yes, I could setup 4 or so separate schedules for these short cycles and I may do so. But the app should be able to do these things without blocking quick runs.

The need to do a quick run is for all kinds of things and would not be reduced by combining schedules.

I don’t understand why the app blocks the ability to perform zone quick run in this manner.

My guess is that this request would be very low priority to have them change. In my 4 years or so of participating in this forum, this is I think the first time I’ve seen this request. Your best bet would be to just set up 4 different schedules, and then things should work a little better for you.

Any chance you can adjust when these schedules are running to more night time or morning so you can do tests in the afternoons, or something of that nature?