How to measure water pressure in an existing sprinkler setup

I already have a simple water pressure gauge (something like this) that I can attach to a standard hose bib in my backyard. However, that will only tell me the pressure in the “house system”. I believe my existing irrigation lines have been tapped before the house water pressure regulator comes into play.

Is there some adapter I could buy to put on an existing typical pop up sprinkler to figure out the pressure in the irrigation system?

I believe there has been some discussion on this. Do some searching on the forum. I searched pressure and found this, not sure if it answers any of your questions

Thanks - I did do a search but did not find any specific post that talks about how to measure the pressure in the irrigation system. Hopefully someone out there has a relatively simple trick that can be used…

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Hunter makes one that works on any male thread sprinklers (basically anything but Toro I think)…You would remove your nozzle, put this in it’s place, and put the nozzle on top of the gauge. Tests pressure at the individual sprinkler. Might do a few to try and get an average because length of run and direction changes can reduce pressure.

Thanks - I’ll get one of these; it’s exactly what I was looking for.

If you want, you can buy just the plastic adapter piece for like $2 and use a standard gauge. They want a lot for the whole unit.

You are right. But the MP gauge fits female threaded heads such as Irritrol, Hunter, Rain Bird and and Weathermatic. I have several of these gauges and use them all week. For male thread Toro heads you are out of luck, unless you rig up a homemade gauge checker. Sprinkler Warehouse sells the plastic adapter. But you can get the complete MP Gauge for $25.00. Contractor price for a Merrill pressure gauge is $8 here. But dont know much the retail price might be.

Sorry, I think of the sprinkler being male thread, but you are right, they call the Toro a male thread and all the other female since that matches the heads themselves.

I tried to unscrew the hose bib adapter from my el-cheapo gauge (the link I had shared earlier), but it wouldn’t budge, and I was afraid it would damage the joint/connector at the gauge itself, so I aborted that attempt. I wonder why there is such a discrepancy in prices for these two different applications. Anyway, I guess it might be a good idea to have the right tool anyway.

Thanks again.

Yea, you’d have to buy a second gauge with an 1/8" lower mount. Home Depot has them for $9 or so, which is why I find it odd the hunter one is SOOOOO much more…

When I measure pressure at the source, I just put the gauge straight on (capping the bibb). Why does it need to be a T at the sprinkler head?