How to measure sq ft of a zone?

I have three zones (shown in the diagram).

How do I measure the sq ft for each?

Would I measure the sq ft for the redzone from top to middle?
Would I measure the sq ft for the blue zone be from bottom to middle?
Would I measure the sq ft for the green zone be from top to bottom?


I would base it off the throw of the sprinklers. If they reach or overlap the next zone, include that…

But, just as a heads up, the area setting in Rachio doesn’t really do anything other than estimate water usage and has no bearing on any watering results.


wait, really?


So then are there area’s within the advanced settings that I should pay more / extra care about than others? I honestly thought the sq ft was a significant factor in watering results.

I set up a spreadsheet for myself back in 2017 (yep, been using Flex Daily for a long time now), just so I could see how much each factor affected the amount of water the system puts down. So in the advanced settings, these are the fields that go into the calculation:


Available Water inches

Root Depth inches

Allowed Depletion


Other settings for your zone such as Exposure and Slope will help it determine WHEN to water, but not how MUCH to water.