How to make new grass roots go deeper

So I have grass replanted in one zone this spring and now when it’s hot days in Seattle I’m seeing few brown spots appearing on the grass. I suspect that might be due to Rachio expects roots to be 6 inches and in reality they might not be that deep (grass is still quite thinnish).

Now i have AD set to 50% and root depth to 6 inches. If I reduce root depth or AD irrigation duration dials down. That shouldn’t really promote root growth as the irrigation would happen more frequently (with 80-90F daily most likely every day).

What is the best plan here? Also I’d like to do a water cup test, how much water should I expect too see in it after one cycle with those settings (AW is 0.11)

I have 0.6 inch precip rate rotary nozzles which are quite overlapping (bad sprinkler design from 90s), so I don’t think it’s a coverage issue.

I typically don’t recommend flex daily scheduling until roots are firmly established.

Did find this article on how to get roots to start growing down.

At some point we do want to have flex scheduling automatically do this :wink: Smart roots.

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