How to install wired flow sensor far from controller

I’ve had a wireless flow meter on my Rachio 3 which was working perfectly. Unfortunately, after extensive troubleshooting with tech support, it seems the flow meter is irretrievably malfunctioning. I am considering switching to a wired flow sensor, e.g. Everydrop 1004-EX. However, since we don’t have basements in South Texas, my water meter, and thus main irrigation line, is at the very front edge of our property, about 120 ft from the controller.

Any suggestions for installation of a wired flow sensor in this situation? Would the wires have to be run underground all the way from the flow sensor that would be near the water meter? Would that even work?


Where does your irrigation line split off from the water main? Here in AZ, our meters are at the street like yours, then the irrigation line usually splits off where the water main comes into the house.

Unfortunately, it splits off right near the water meter. That is where my wireless meter is currently installed.

@babydoc - 120’ feet shouldn’t be a problem. Do use SHIELDED wire and not leftover sprinkler field wire that is unshielded.

Other than burying the wire, 120’ shouldn’t be much of a problem wired. I’m using a 1004-EX at about that distance. I think with the right signal cable (twisted pair, shielded sensor wire) you can go near 1000’ if necessary.

DIY Tip: To bury the cable yourself across a lawn, find a Wilton Trenching Spade. Miracle tool.

Cool tool, wish I knew about that sooner. How long can one go with unshielded before problems occur?

If you haven’t yet buried cable, you REALLY don’t want to dig it up some day - even with a Wilton! Find the right cable. If you have buried cable, you might as well run the longevity test for us.