How to get support

Looks like my Rachio Gen 2 has been offline for 2 days (connects fine to my wifi - just not connecting to the rachio network, and frozen on a blinking 3rd light).

I’ve tried the steps on your website to fix this, emailed support, and got a message from Edwin Urrutia with advice to do all the things I’ve already tried. I’ve messaged him back twice, but haven’t received any further response.

I’d really like to get my rachio back online. Any further recommendations? I’m happy to continue to work with Edwin, if he response to my emails.

@tlasman - So what changed in the environment, as it was connected? Any ideas?

I’d run the RouteThis app and send to Rachio. Also, has the Rachio been power cycled (I hate suggesting that, but sometimes it fixes things).

Any firewall rules on the router or gateway?

I’m just a community member, so I don’t know what Edwin suggested and what has been tried. Any more details on the setup - internet provider, router, etc.?

I know it’s old-fashioned, but have you tried calling them?

[quote]Summer hours (April-September)

Rachio Support is available 8am-7pm (MST), 7 days a week.

Winter hours (October-March)

Rachio Support is available 9am-6pm (MST), Monday through Saturday to help (closed Thanksgiving, Christmas & New Years).

Please call 1-844-4-RACHIO (1-844-472-2446).[/quote]

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