How to get more accurate weather data?


I’m currently using weather intelligence + on my rachio. I have recently noticed that when it rains my rachio sometimes doesn’t show the rain that occured or if there was a down pour it shows barely any rain occured.

Will i get better weather data if i turn off Weather intelligence + and instead pick a single station that is closest to my house?

Does picking a single stations ( instead of using WI ) have any con’s i need to be aware of?

Yes, if you have a nearby weather station that seems to be accurately reporting, it’ll be better than WI+. WI+ is a no fuss way for folks to get weather and is really great for those with no nearby stations. If you’re interested in real world measured data, choose a local station for best results. WI+ uses interpolation between select weather stations and so results are estimates.

I use my personal weather station to get accurate weather for my lawn. You can go to weather underground and use the wonder map to find a weather station close to your location or get a weather station of your own.

My Rachio has skipped for wind, temperature and rain. I watch the calendar in the app, and I see the marked days shuffle around (daily basis) based on the weather.

I’ve got a similar setup. I connected a wireless rain sensor just to make sure if it rains there’s no watering. Easy to setup, no wires to run and the receiver is powered by the racho.