How to get a Zone to run for 30 min then off for 30 min, then run for 30 min, etc

So I just planted some new trees. I’m irrigating them using drip irrigation and they are all on 1 zone. I need that zone only to run at 10AM and 8PM for 3 hours each time. I need it to run for 30 min, off for 30 min, run for 30 min, off for 30 min, run for 30 min, off for 30 min during the 3 hours.

I tried to set up a schedule called, “Trees” for that zone (zone 9) to run for 3 hours at 10AM and a manual cycle and soak times of 30 min each. The odd thing is when it comes on it just runs for 3 hours continuously and doesn’t turn off and soak after 30 minutes.

What am I doing wrong? How can I get that single zone to come on and off like I need for 3 hours?


@jmed999 - cycle and soak isn’t activated on drip zones. The work around/trick is to change the spray head to fixed spray head and then under advanced setting, change the nozzle inches per hour back down to what was set for the drip line (check this value before changing the spray head type - or if the value is known from a calculation re-enter it).

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