How to force a run on an off day

Currently on a Flex Monthly, which is watering every other day. Temperature is super hot and lawn is dry. I want to force a run tomorrow - which is an “off” day. How do I do that? Besides waking up early and selecting a Quick Run for the appropriate time??

I don’t use Flex Monthly schedules, so I’m guessing on this one.

Could you create a new Fixed Schedule and set it to run the next morning? Then disable the schedule after it has run.

If you were using Flex Daily, it’s really easy. You just go to the zone and under soil moisture select Empty, and the next day the zone will water. You just need to make sure that you don’t have the next day as a restricted watering day in your Daily Flex schedule.

This but would suggest setting Start and End dates so you don’t need to remember to disable the schedule. Given hot temperatures in my region I have had to do this a few times this summer and have a “manual” schedule where I edit the start and end dates.