How to diagnose wiring and system?

Just installed Rachio G1 and it does not work.
Previous system was tested and worked fine.
Got green wifi light
When trying to activate zones manually, nothing happens, but app says they are watering.
When trying to change zone name, after hitting “save” I get an error message saying " The request could not be completed. Please try again later."

How can I diagnose the system and check if wiring is correct?

Please help

Did you take a picture of the previous system wiring in the terminals? That would be helpful.

If none of the valves operate, the first thing I would check is the common wiring. I would do a visual inspection to make sure all of the commons are connected and properly plugged into the controller. After that I would use a VOM to see if the controller is sending power to a valve when it is supposed to be activated. You can do that first at the controller. If a zone does get power at the controller, but still does not open, then do the checking at the valve.

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