How to detect power

Now that the Wi-Fi is reestablished my app indicates that the irrigation zones are working. Problem is no water.
How can I determine if the controller (gen2) is actually sending power to the pump?

@GDO - if there is a pump start relay in the system, first check to see that the pump start relay option is enabled under More/Controller Settings/Advanced Wiring (M terminal)/ Well or Pump Start Relay (should have a blue dot). When activating the system you might be able to hear a click when the relay is energized. Or if you have a volt meter you should see 24 volt AC current on the M terminal when checking between the C and M terminals.

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Last season the master valve was connected to the M terminal. Just tried selecting the start relay, still no water. Will check voltage in the morning. Thanks.

Checked the voltage on the M terminal (between M and C) and got 0-.4VAC.
Same reading with either Master Valve or Start Relay selected under Advanced Wiring choices.

Does this test the output of the controller to the pump?

Did you get that reading under load or with the wires disconnected?

Thanks for asking but problem solved about four months ago.