How to delete a zone and reset to default

I had 12 zones and deleted 3 zones (#6, 7, 8). I pulled out the wires and renumbered the zones accordingly.

I now what to delete those zones (now disabled) including deleting picture and set to default (just like zoned 13-16 were which were never set up). Is there a way to do that, if so, how?


A zone is never deleted from the controller as it still exists. Okay, maybe I am thinking semantics. When I go to a zone, “Edit”, “Advanced”, scroll to the botton, I see “Reset Zone Adjustments” (Android) and “Reset to default” (both web & Android). I cannot tell you about iOS since I do not use one of those devices for Rachio. It should do most of what you want, but not sure if ALL.

Thanks. I think I know what you mean, but what I want to do is to set those zones as default-delete pictures, basically as they were when not set up so that I do not see them ever again.

No, the reset does not do this on the web or iOs platforms. At least that was the message here 5 yrs ago and when I tried. Hoping by now you can do so!

Are you saying the “Reset to default” does not seem to reset the values? Does it seem to do some of the values? I have not seen a way to delete a picture if this reset does not do that.

Yes, that reset did not change anything for me, picture included. Basically, nothing happens as far as I can tell. Can’t delete pict.

Sounds like someone at Rachio needs to answer this.

So you don’t want the zones to show up on your Rachio at all? If this is the case, just move the slider at the top of the zone page and disable it. From there, you can chose to hide disabled zones.

Thanks, yes, I am aware of the ‘disable’ option but not exactly what I wanted to do. Reply appreciated.