How to cover 18 zones?

I have 18 zones in use and would very much like to use the 16 zone Rachio unit. Can two zones (valves) be wired to the same controller? If not what other methods are available?



That’s what I do; assuming the 2 zones don’t use more water than your water supply can support.

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Hey @Mikespring!
Two zones can be wired in the same slot- this is assuming you do not have a master valve. You controller cannot support three valves running simultaneously. Also, as @GregS stated, you must have the sufficient water pressure to support two zones. This is an issue some users ran into when trying to run two zones at the same time. This thread has quite a few users that run two zones simultaneously successfully and some other tips if you want more info! Let me know if I can answer any other questions.
McKyzee :rachio:

If you are using traditional spray heads, you might consider converting these to rotating micro spray heads (ex. Hunter MP1000, , etc.) which are simple replacements for Rainbird style spray heads.

This provides greater throws (if necessary), less aerosolation of spray, less run off due to lower precipitation rate, and also allows approximately 2-3 X the number of spray heads on the line as with traditional spray heads because the flow rates for each head are less. Watering times are longer because of the lower precipitation rates. However, the lower flow rates may allow you to combine some of the pipes to being controlled by a single valve such that you no longer need so many valves to control.

Normally yes. There is a product called Add A Zone. Check it out and see it it might work. There is also a product called the double. But honestly I think you must have an extra terminal available. Perhaps Rachio can develop an expander module. Is there any way you could combine smaller zones and use fewer valves? You have a large system. Maybe Rachio had some ideas.

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In addition to pressure, one must not exceed the gallons per minute capacity of the water meter and pipe. Each nozzle has a water demand.