How to correct "Weather Intelligence" rain predictions?

I’ve been using a Gen2 for a couple years and I love it. However this year it seems like a lot of the predicted rainfall has magically avoided our area (seriously, seems like it flows around us often). As a result, I get skips due to rainfall from Weather Intelligence that don’t correspond to actual rainfall amounts. I have upped my rainfall skip threshold to 0.5" which didn’t seem to help much. I have taken rainfall skips and saturation skips off my scheduled running times, but that seems wasteful.

Suggestions? Would a rain sensor help? Is the system smart enough to say “it didn’t rain as anticipated so now watering is needed”?

Ultimately, I’m paying more attention to it this year as a result which is good, but wanted to see if this could be addressed.

@GMWHousing - what type of schedule is being used - Flex Daily, Flex Monthly or Fixed?

A rain sensor will help in the situation where there is no or little forecasted rain and rain is received where the Rachio is installed. The rain sensor is a binary - yes/no - device, not a quantity device.

A local PWS (personal weather station) that reports actual precipitation at the location would be a better solution - if there is a good site to locate the PWS and the PWS is relatively accurate and maintained. And Rachio would use the local PWS for precipitation.

Do you have a PWS nearby? If so, try using that and see if it is closer to the rain (or lack thereof) precipitation that you are getting.