How to connect to Gardena system (e.g. Bewässerungssteuerung 4040 modular (1276) )

I have a Gardena system installed and it works well but I am missing the Rachio features and iPhone app, etc.
Is it possible to have the Rachio solution in between, so I can manage from my mobile device? If yes, how to do it and which components from Rachio do I need to purchase?

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Dear Daniel,
Did you make any progress in your above mentioned question. At the moment I´m using a Gardena 4040 for 10 circuits (wired 24v) including a wired moisture sensor. I would like to replace the 4040 device by a rachio. But I´m not quite sure concerning the following problems: 240V supply, can the power supply be changed? Will it be possible to use weather date of europe/germany? Will it work with the 24v valves made by gardena?
If you have any own experience in that question it would be very kind if you could give me some feedback.
Kind regards

@fwb76, is this your controller?

Any chance you could post and/or email our support team [] a few photos to review?

Regarding the power/electrical question – we’ve built our unit for US electrical requirements - 120 volts / 60hz. A wall adapter might fix this. Most of our international users have purchased the Iro via Amazon and have had luck sourcing their own power adaptor. So if you are still interested this could be an option for you.

Please note, at this time, we are not shipping outside of the United States and Canada as that will require additional certifications. Nevertheless, we do support international weather :wink:

Dear Emil,
thanks a lot for your very quick reply. Your link shows my controller, which I want to replace.
But I´m not quite sure what pictures I should mail. Off my current controller? Or of my valves? Or of the cables?
If you give me a reply I would be very happy to sent you the requested photos.
Kind regards
Felix Brandt

Hi @fwb76, sorry I didn’t clarify in my last request. Photos of your controller and the cable/wiring going to it would be great. Also, photos of your valves would be great to see. Do you know if they are AC or DC powered?

Best, Emil

Hi Emil,

I am just interested to see if rachio worked wit gardena.

Best Danne

As I recall, Gardena is a hose timer that either uses batteries or solar to operate. I cannot see how it could be integrated with an AC powered controller like Rachio.

Do an internet search and look for a wifi hose timer. I saw at least 3 products.

FYI the gardena solonoids works fine