How to connect Hunter solar sync rain sensor to Rachio gen2 system

I bragged about my Rachio system so many times, my brother finally got convinced and bought gen2 Rachio for their home. I am here in Dallas trying to help install gen2 Rachio. He has hunter pro-c controller with Solar sync wireless rain sensor. I see wires from solar sync connecting to power source on main controller, couple of wires from rain sensor connecting to two sensor inputs on main controller.
I am wondering if any one able to use solar sync rain sensor with Rachio 2. I appreciate if you can provide description of wiring setup from this rain sensor to Rachio.


@Videoguy, thanks for reaching out and for spreading the love for the Rachio controller :smile:

The Hunter Solar Sync is a proprietary accessory for certain Hunter controllers. As such, it’s not compatible with the Rachio controller.

However, the data that the Hunter Solar Sync collects is done automagically on the Rachio controller, so the sensor isn’t needed. Does your brother need a rain sensor per a water utility requirement? If so, I’d recommend selling the Hunter controller (that Solar Sync is worth $80ish on Amazon) and purchase any of the following rain sensors that we support.

I hope this helps.

Best, Emil

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We bought orbit wireless rain sensor.
I am wondering if there is wiring diagram for this sensor for Gen2 controller.
The link above has wiring diagram for Gen1 controller.
The orbit receiver has two red wires, one green, yellow and a while wire.

What is right rain sensor setting on the rain sensor? It lets me set from 3mm to 25mm (I.e 1/8" to 1").


@Videoguy, great to hear! The wiring for this rain sensor on a Gen1 is below:

The wiring for a wireless rain sensor on a Gen2 is below:

As such, the wiring on a Gen2 for an Orbit wireless rain sensor will be:

S1: Yellow
SC: Red+White
SP: Red

The green wire is NOT needed.

This is a personal preference. If you’re in a humid area, I’d recommend you stay above 1/4". Remember, the Rachio allows you to turn on a virtual rain sensor via Weather Intelligence the app.

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After reading about weather intelligence, we decided not to install the rain sensor.
My bother is going to monitor and then add rain sensor if we feel it will help.

I have Gen1 controller. When I checked my flex schedule, I don’t see weather intelligence option. Is it because I connected a rain sensor to it?


Flex uses all the aspects of weather intelligence, so there is no option to enable/disable.

Hope that helps.


@Videoguy, great to hear you’re using the power of the cloud :wink:

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