How to adjust sprinkler spray length

How do I adjust the spray length on my Rachio heads? Do I use the silver ring or a mini screwdriver to adjust the small screw on top. Neither are easy to adust!

Check out the video here. Should help.

That video was for a Rain Bird. Do you happen to have one for Rachio? You wouldn’t think this info would be so hard to find!

@emilykapic, from what I can see, you have Rainbird 1800 spray heads (body) and Hunter MP Rotator 2000. You probably have a Rachio controller, but I do not think Rachio has ever made sprinkler heads (I could be wrong though). If correct on what I am seeing, the link below might help you.

Very helpful - thanks!!!

Glad to help. I use the tool at that seems to be the easiest to me.

I used a tiny electronics screw driver on the tiny screw. Screw in to shorten, out to lengthen. While it is running. It wasn’t particularly easy, and I got pretty wet.

Oh good catch. I missed the MP in the rain bird body!