How to adjust flex daily, watering every day in July

Okay, I am having the same issue with it watering just about everyday. Here is my screen shots. I just started my Rachio less then a month. Any help would be great. I am using Hunter PGP (Red #5) File%20Jul%2009%2C%208%2034%2031%20PM|230x500

Is there a particular schedule you’re worried about?

But that is what my Flex schedule is doing right now. Flex waters, based on your settings, what grass needs. For example, in July my lawn is often evapotranspiring 0.30”+ a day and Flex knows to fill the root zones from 50% soil moisture depletion is 0.33”. So there can be days of daily watering in that circumstance. With a higher water duration (deeper watering), the water is likely wasted as grass roots cannot reach it, but that would reduce watering frequency. Rachio is definitely working as intended in my case. Through this process I actually learned I was chronically underwatering my lawn by watering too deeply and infrequently. Others find they were overwatering.

You have a lot of schedules and zones so all that could add up to nearly daily watering, too.

Here’s my moisture chart (find this by tapping on a zone and tapping the Soil Moisture %.

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