How to add a faucet based drip system

I looked around the forum but couldn’t find anything that related to my question. I have a Rachio 2 with 6 zones, professionally installed. It really works good and the Flex Schedule (once I figured out how it all works) seems to work pretty well.

I’m trying something new out. Rather than have a raised bed garden, I am literally using a raised bed. I found a perfect metal twin bed frame and have 5 big ceramic pots for tomatoes. I’m getting a simple DIY drip watering kit from Amazon and I could add a simple watering timer that hooks up to the outdoor faucet but what would really do the trick would be if I could add something, like a 7th zone (wiring) that actually goes to some other device to turn on and off the meter/controller at the faucet. I should add that I have a pretty good home automation system set up with Home Assistant (HA) and the Rachio is integrated into it. If I could add a water schedule for the faucet/water hose based drip system, I’d be in geek heaven. I’m a retired IT network and security guy. What I’m saying is that I can handle wifi/Z-Wave/Zigbee/BLE/ etc, and even some python scripting.

So, who out there has done some cool DIY addons that could point me in the right direction?

Thanks in advance,

I added a couple Orbit b-hyve faucet values on my system, for filling bird baths, etc. I’d have added an extra valve to my system, but don’t have the extra wiring going to the valves from my controller.

IF you can get wiring there, I would imagine you could fine solenoid-operated hose valves. In fact, a quick search indicates that Lowes sells a Rainbird version for $15. Just wire it to your Rachio controller and you’re in business. You can also probably find a wireless version.

The following seems like a cool system if you can get wiring: Antelco ezyvalve 4 zone valve box

I wanted to add a zone to my system in the back yard to fill my koi pond. It has a faucet and small hose that I used manually. Instead of adding a valve and trenching to add pic, I added the Eve Aqua to the faucet. Now I have a HomeKit enabled faucet to fill the pond. I use a schedule with some override triggers from an Eve Weather sensor I have outside to help manage the water level. It was expensive, but it’s super stable, and gives me peace of mind knowing I don’t have to micromanage the pond.