How often is the flexible schedule calculated?

Hey there, how often is the schedule for the zones is calculated? here with the crazy weather of chicago, that even the weather apps are not even to calculate properly the forecast on an hour basis since it changes so quickly…) i wonder, at what time and based on what info Rachio performs the calculations


“Our servers get weather reports from our weather service, detailing the weather conditions before the watering time, and predicting these same conditions for the 24 hours after. If these meet or exceed you pre-set threshold(s), the watering time is skipped (doesn’t run that time). 60 minutes before a scheduled watering time, Rachio will perform a weather check to see if any of the Weather Intelligence skips can be triggered”

"This is how Climate Skip works:

Climate Skip makes a simple calculation for each zone in a schedule that checks to see if the observed + forecasted weather will maintain the moisture requirements of a zone until the next scheduled watering.
If this calculation is positive for all zones in the schedule, then Rachio will issue a Climate Skip. If the calculation is negative for any zone in the schedule, then Rachio will not issue a Climate Skip.

How far into the future can Climate Skip predict?

Climate Skip will track weather data for the last 7 days and forecast 7 days into the future (14 day window). If you have a schedule interval longer than 7 days into the future, Climate Skip will be disabled."


@ssindelman, good info, but it applies to weather intelligence features for fixed and monthly flex

I am curious about how frequently moisture levels are checked for zones on daily flex schedules, too.

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Ah! I thought that would be applicable for a daily flex. Maybe one of the admins will know best.

I looked in the flex faq support page and it says it updates the weather data each day at midnight and adjust moisture levels for each zone. I strongly suspect it uses midnight UTC/GMT rather than after midnight local time.