How many zones can Rachio run?

So I know this has been discussed in multiple posts, but I searched thru pages of posts and couldn’t find it…

How many zones can Rachio run if the zones are wired together? I know this isn’t the ideal method, but I’m combining some of my MP Rotator grass zones to get the watering time down as I can run up to three zones (manually) without any detriment to performance. Since it’s 2 degrees cooler than the surface of the sun here in Arizona, I have no desire to physically join the zones together, so I’m hoping to get by with wiring the zones together.

I currently have 2 wired together without issues, but I thought I remember Rachio could do 2 zones and a master pump?

That is the maximum. If you do have that configuration do not use water hammer as that will add another zone for a short amount of time.


I don’t have a master pump, and I don’t use the water hammer feature, so I can wire 3 zones together?

Here is the simple answer :slight_smile:

Run Multiple Zones At Once

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Thanks @franz, 3 it is! For the short term anyway until I can dig thr lines up and physically combine them.

This will also open up some zones so I can possibly split my fruit trees off the normal trees!