How many times can I water a zone each day?

I need to water a zone many times for a short period of time each watering.
How many times a day could I program a zone to be watered each day?

Check out hourly interval watering and see if this type of schedule would work for your situation.

Perhaps you can explain what you are trying to accomplish. It’s highly likely that the Rachio schedules would work for you.

Thanks for the link Linn.
I would like to be able to 1-3 times a week water say for 2-5 min every half hour for 8-16 hours.
Hard clay on an incline doesn’t absorb water readily and I find multiple short waterings penetrate this soil better.

Then the Rachio is perfect for this. It has a Smart Cycle function to do exactly this. See

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That sounds like what I need.

@Michael_d - @Linn hit the nail on the head. See the "How long can a zone’s watering duration continue before it needs to get cycle soaked? " section for how soil type, slope and precipitation rate impact watering time. It is very important to get the soil type and precipitation rate (one may want to do a catch cup test) right. IMHO, one can fudge and make the slope steeper than it is in order to reduce run off. Fudging the soil type will impact the available water capacity - so do the “Mason jar test” or use the soil map that is referenced elsewhere to get fairly close.