How long and often do you water grass?

I’m in Kansas City area and clay soil. It has been near 100 degrees daily here. I have been watering daily for anywhere from 12 min on the misters to 21 min for the distance sprinklers. We have so much wind where I live. I know it varies on the which type of sprinklers you have, but just wondered how often and long you guys water…thanks.

You’re going to get a wide variety of answers with all the variables out there. I use flex daily and it waters for over an hour 3-4 days per week with 100+ degrees. If you want any help fine tuning your system, take a picture of your advance settings


Second Modawg2k answer that this will vary greatly depending on a person’s settings. I have clay soil with flex daily and last week it was watering every other day since it was above 110 but this week it’s dialed it back to every 3 or 4 days as the temperature was hovering around 100. Two of my zones water for about 40 minutes while my very inefficient zones are watering over an hour.

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