How long after low voltage alert will flow meter die?

At what voltage is the low voltage alert triggered and once it’s triggered how long until it dies?

@crc2004 Forwarding information from our hardware engineer.

The answer is it depends, on how often they are measuring flow, etc, but my estimate is several months
as far as what voltage, but this could change moving forward. It’s around 2.1V or so.

This is the flow meter with the erroneous 0 reading, his battery voltage read really high (3.5+ volts), which implies to me he’s either powering externally or using some other batteries.


Wow, you guys designed one energy efficient little device. I’m using the batteries that came with the unit but that leads to my next question; once those wear out what brand do you recommend?

I was wondering what they think of energizer AA lithium batteries. They seem to have excellent environmental behavior at low and high temperatures.

Any Premium Alkaline battery with a good operating temperature range (0-130F is typical for this class of battery). Most common ones in the US are Energizer or Duracell.

The lithiums would also likely last longer and have similar operating temp ranges, although may not be worth the extra $$ given how well it should perform with a good alkaline.


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I’ll probably go with the Energizer, I’ve had a few devices damaged by leaking Duracells.

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