How is Slope Defined?

I’ve measured the slopes in my yard. They range from 3% to 15%. When setting up Rachio, I have a choice of Flat, Slight, Moderate and Steep. I have clay soil, so slope is important. How are Rachio’s slopes defined as far as percent slope goes?

The slope is just used for soak time. Since you have clay soil, more soak time probably doesn’t hurt, so I’d pick moderate or steep.

If you do a google search for “rachio slope definition” you will find the % definitions in the link below
Flat = 0% to 3%
Slight = 4% to 6%
Moderate = 7% to 12%
Steep = > 13%

Just what I’m looking for. I did a search for “slope” by itself, along with a couple other words, but did not find that. Thanks very much.

It would be awesome if the Rachio app had a built-in tool that used the phone’s sensors to better estimate the actual slope!

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@Thomas_Lerman there are LOTS of apps that can be used to measure the slope. The apps use your camera to measure the slope. Very easy to use. Just search for “clinometer” in the appropriate app store.

You are absolutely correct that many clinometers already exist and that is what I ended up using. I am just saying that it would be awesome during setup of the slope if I did not have to go find one as it was built-in.