How flex daily works

Question on dialing zones with flex daily I have a zone that run for 3 hours including cycle and soak I apply the same setting to the second zone but the second zone watering duration is only 53 minutes any idea or feedback thanks.

Watering time is based on ET (evapotranspiration - how much water is lost), and how much water is applied on each watering. Two zones with the same parameters (crop, slope, soil, sun/shade, etc), and same watering rate (precipitation from nozzles) would water the same duration, but if anything is different, then you get a different watering time (and frequency).

PS. If zones have the same setup, then maybe cycle/soak is working on one zone but not the other. That option will water a zone until it starts to run off (due to soil and slope), then lets the water soak in for 30 minutes before watering again. A 3 hour elapsed time could be a 1 hour watering time.

Crop coefficient in the first zone is 75% slope is slight
Second zone crop coefficient is 80% slope is flat same pricipation from nozzle

For a difference that large, it must be that one zone is not doing cycle/soak.

It looks like cycle/soak is applied per schedule. Are both zones in the same schedule? If not, check the soak option for both schedules.

Both zones are on the same schedule the first zone cycle and soak.the second zone doesn’t. And then if I apply the same setting to my other two zones same thing 53 minutes crop coefficient 80% slope is slight same pricipation and lots of sun on all four zones.

@franz - I am trying to understand how flexible daily works the zone that I started with it runs for three hours with cycle and soak. I know my second zone slope is flat so I understand that the watering duration will be different but when I apply the same setting to my other zones is the same watering duration I have three zones with slight slope except my second zone shouldn’t be the same watering duration for the three zones with slight slope and the same setting ??

Zone 1 is 3 hr with cycle/soak
Zone 2 is 53 minutes
Zone 3 is 53 minutes
Zone 4 is 53 minutes

You must have changed the duration on the zone to 3 hours, we don’t include the cycle/soak value in watering duration.

Remember that the duration there includes soak time when sprinklers are not running thus the likely difference in duration.

Otherwise maybe accidentally changed the duration time in schedule or removed days thus causing duration to multiply? I’d delete and recreate the offending schedule.

I try to recreate a different schedule and is the same thing than all four zones watering duration change for 53 minutes. @franz - I am going to enable zone 3 now and it will be the same watering duration.

i know that the duration includes soak time what i was trying to say was the first zone was 3 hours and than i rollout the same setting to my other zone and those zones duration are 53 minutes per zone except the first wich was 3 hours so i don’t know if is something wrong with the flex algorithm.