How does this make any sense watering day

So in my schedule I see a watering for the front lawn on the 6th. Shows it clear as day via a green water droplet that when clicked shows that it is for the front lawn. It also shows that it expects rain that day which seems a bit odd but ok lets see why…

When I click on zones and then look at the front lawn zone and go to the soil moisture graph… It shows on the 6th that I’ll be at 18%. It also shows 0 irrigation for that day. What it does show is that it should hit 0% on the 7th and it then shows that it will water on the 8th.

So right now I have two completely conflicting explanations of what is expected to happen based on the predictions… Shouldn’t they agree at least with themselves?

The discrepancies between the calendar view and moisture graph are possible due to differences in when we rebuild them. Moisture graph is rebuilt real-time when you render it. That is the most up to date data. Calendar gets rebuilt daily at start-12 hours and start -1 hours and if any other updates happen in between. Since the forecast changed to rain, the graph adjusted but we have not rebuilt the calendar yet. Your moisture on the 7th is currently showing at 2% > 0 and will deplete on the 8th. In order to finish by sunrise on the 8th based on the entire duration of the schedule (10+ hours) the schedule needs to start the day before (7th). Your calendar has been rebuilt since, and is now showing irrigation event on the 7th for intended end time of 8th.The moisture graph shows your intended run date (in end by schedule it is end date). More information on end by sunrise flex daily schedules can be found in this thread Finished before sunrise scheduling issue?. Let me know if you have more questions.

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Ok that does make sense that the calendar data is old then… Man the 10+ hours sure sounds scary. I don’t think I ever had things watering anywhere near that long with my WeatherTrak. This will be my first year watering with the Rachio so I’m still a bit worried about the crazy long watering times. I didn’t really pay that much attention to the WeatherTrak after a while it just worked and it didn’t cost me too much on the water bill and the lawns stayed nice so I just ignored it. Hopefully soon the Rachio will reach that same status.

Well, make sure your root depth is right and your pr is correct, else the runtimes can get out of control. Some of that 10 hours could also be soak time as well.

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